March 5, 2011

Nook: full-screen mode and landscape orientation on reader

With the version 1.1 of my firmware improvements for Nook, i introduced two more features for default Nook eBook-Reader application:
  • choose text orientation between portrail (default) and landscape;
  • choose to display or hide the top status bar (with title, battery status, time) in order to maximize the reading area.
For the orientation feature, all credits go to user darkker of russian forum "The Electronic Book". I just merged the modification he made with my code (in order to keep also the other improvements i made). This is the original link in russian (and its translation to english) to the thread where you can find more info about his implementation of this feature and its author.

As usual, instructions and download on this page.


  1. One thing that drives me nuts about the default reader is it's inability to cope with large numbers of books on the device. I would dearly love if you could add better organization to the reader, so that the main navigation honored whatever directory structure was on the SD card (vs. the inane behavior of flattening all books found into a single list).

    Is something like that possible?

  2. @David,
    actually some alternatives to standard B&N Nook library applications already exist, and they are folder based as you asked!
    I will shortly pusbish a post about this topic.